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Need a new website or tired of your current outdated design? Give iNet Media a call, we’ve been helping businesses succeed since the mid 90’s, providing Website Design expertise. We can build a beautiful website that will make your competition jealous!

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Your website is the face of your business. Today more than ever it’s imperative that businesses have websites that are consistent with their brand and accurately represent the organization the best way possible.  Consumers today research and review businesses, and interact in ways online creating an opportunity to form an affinity. Whether you are a bakery or airport, a website that is easy to navigate, with compelling visuals and rich content search engines love is the first step to building a digital presence you can be proud of.


Don’t be left in the dust!


As of April 21st, 2015 Google mandated in an update that all websites must be mobile friendly. This will affect approximately 40% of all websites on the internet. Having an engaging, visual and content appropriate website is simply not enough. Websites must be developed to be mobile friendly or responsive to any device such as a desktop, smart phone, tablet and laptop. Our team has over 60 years of website development expertise. We can build a website that suits your business and attracts prospective buyers or we can retrofit or redesign a website that is current, mobile friendly (responsive) and utilizes the latest technology and features, allowing your business to stand out in front of your competition.


Industry Experts


When you work with iNet media, we perform a thorough interview to establish the areas of your business and the best way to speak to your clients.  Understanding your business, products and clients is the backbone of who we are. You will be involved during the build process and we will ensure prompt service throughout the lifecycle of your website with us.


Trust The Experts

Our team has over 6 decades of website development expertise. We can design a website that attracts prospective buyers or redesign a website that is current, mobile friendly (responsive) and utilizes the latest technology and features, allowing your business to stand out in front of your competition.

Website Experts

With over 60 years of website development expertise, we know great looking, engaging and successful websites best.

Hosting and Management Services

Our team will manage your online asset and provide a full array of hosting options.

Custom Website Development

Whether you require a new website or wish to upgrade and redesign. We can tailor your website to your audience and make your competition jealous.

Secure Website Solutions

Online security is integral and keeping your customers and visitors information safe is crucial now more than ever. We can provide SSL certificates to ensure your website is safe and your online customers are protected. An SSL is now recognized by Google and will help boost your SEO ranking.

Back-End Access

We will not prevent our clients from accessing their website and making changes nor will we charge them. We provide an easy to use back-end. No need to read any code books, you can log into your iNet Media website at any time and make changes with ease and zero development knowledge.

Mobile Friendly

Our team will design your website to be mobile friendly or responsive at no additional charge. We think your website and every website should be functional and accessible on any device. In fact as of April 21st, 2015 Google mandated that all websites be mobile friendly or they will lose their ranking.

SEO or Search Engine Friendly

We will configure your website during our build to be SEO friendly. We will ensure your website is built to function across every Search Engine providing our clients with the best results.

Social Media Integration

Full integration with all of your current or future social media platforms to keep your customers and visitors engaged and up to date.


Turn your website or build a new website into a revenue generating 24/7 365 day/year online store. We fully design E-commerce based websites geared towards selling your products and/or services online.


During the set-up and build our team will incorporate Google Analytics to monitor performance and how your customers interact with your website.

Trending Technology

We incorporate the latest and industry leading technology into every website we build, ensuring your website will maintain its appeal for years.

Usability Testing

We will perform a thorough audit to ensure that all navigation, pages, features, links, buttons are fully functional before the website goes live.

I have been working with Julian at iNet for over 2 years now. I had a website that was built by the phone directory company which I was not happy with. We were spending a fortune on Google Pay-Per-Click and our results were dismal at best. I was about to give up on any new online marketing for the future. I met with Julian and he provided our group with several options, we never felt pressured but were rather educated during the process. We made the decision to completely redesign our website and decided to try an E-Commerce approach to selling our services online. iNet provided prompt service throughout the build and built a beautiful website and took over our Pay-Per-Click programming to bring in leads to our Online store. Our budget went from $3000/month to $1600/month and we are generating over 1200 visitors to our website each month in comparison to 350-500 for a budget of $3000. Our website sales have skyrocketed and we are considering opening up another location and increasing our budget.

- Nathan W.

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