About iNet Media.

We are proud of our collective experience that leads to your results.

We are not a traditional digital media agency.

We do not conform to the status quo of most agencies by providing expensive, ineffective solutions.

The agency was founded with a philosophy of changing the way businesses market themselves and how they interact with their clients digitally. Thus, the digital marketing agency, iNet Media, was founded by Bradley Wood and Julian Winfield, who together possess over 4 decades of website development and digital marketing experience. Since forming iNet, Brad and Jules have helped thousands of businesses grow by achieving their goals and objectives with effective digital solutions.

Over the past decade, the iNet team has grown into a finely-tuned wealth of valuable digital marketing specialists. A team that prides itself on meeting and exceeding our client’s goals while providing measurable solutions, tailored specifically for each campaign we work on. Our passion, expertise and execution are apparent with every client and project.

Ask us about our no BS approach to your growth

Our strategies show how we plan to achieve your goals by cutting through the fluff with a no BS approach to your growth. This approach can be hard to hear, but it’s what you need to know. Removing the marketing yes-men and order-takers not only ensures your business’s growth, but also its sustainability.

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What we do.

Search engine

Get your custom ads in front of qualified leads from a relevant audience and grow your business with paid search marketing services with Google Ads.

Search engine

Experienced, authoritative, and trusted content developed from data-driven insights and combined with technical optimization to drive your site to the top of page one, organically.

Web design &

Our design and development teams work to bring beauty and function together. Your site needs to stand apart from your competition while working on all types of devices.

Targeted digital
display ads

Build brand awareness and grow leads with highly-targeted digital display and video pre-roll ads that cut through the noise with measured conversions.

Social media ads
& review support

Social media never stops evolving. Neither do we. Our clients expect us to know what’s happening on social platforms and what will work best for their business.

consult & training

We provide digital strategy and engagement training and consultation for enterprise-level companies with an in-house marketing team.

What we don’t do.

Outsource your Work

Outsourcing might seem like a smart way to save money, but following up across timezones, quality checks, and multiple revisions always end up costing more.

Work with your Competition

We keep your strategy as just that, your strategy. From creative work to data accesses, your tactics are kept private and secure at all times.

Use templates or themes

Third-party templates and themes bloat your website with code and slow down your page load speed. Even worse, your SEO strategy will always play second fiddle to theirs.

Quote without meeting

Quick quotes over the phone or email don’t do anyone justice. Important things are missed and additional time seems like an add-on. We meet with you digitally or in person to understand your goals.

desktop showing online marketing

We have an educated, experienced, creative team.

Our team members are deeply immersed in the digital marketing world and recognize the paradigm shift on how businesses advertise their products and services today. As more and more people are searching for products and services online, businesses are utilizing the latest in search and device technology to connect them with customers. Digital marketing demand is growing and businesses must change their methods to promote themselves and to align with current trends.

Traditional media sources such as magazine ads, newspapers, TV commercials, phone directories, flyers, radio ads, and billboards are expensive and cannot compete with the Return on Investment (ROI) that digital marketing provides. Adding to the rising demand in digital marketing, is the rising need for digital marketers with a search-focus and search-savvy know-how. Ask us to review your digital marketing strategy with a search-focus.

3000+ successful campaigns

Thousands of successful campaigns from a team that talks to each other. Our communicaiton helps your communication.

200+ years combined experience

With all this experience, we have either hundreds of juniors on our team, or a vetted team of experts. Thankfully, it’s the latter.

In-house digital experts

Having in-house specialists means we remove ego from the process. Meaning we gut-check each other’s work while having fun. Not to mention, we’re all in the same timezone.

Continual learning technology

We learn without ego, knowing that knowledge builds wisdom, and wisdom is powerful. Our team is always learning about the latest digital marketing trends.

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Want to join our team of experts?

Are you passionate about digital marketing strategy, design, or development? Are you equally as enthusiastic about helping businesses of all sizes grow? Well then look no further than the iNet Media team. We are proud of our people and we look forward to meeting you.

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