Agency Partner Program.

We partner with agencies, freelancers and others looking to extend their team’s expertise and enhance their services.

Why partner with
iNet Media?

Agencies come to us when they need a reputable team of digital marketing professionals that can deliver high-quality work.

“Outsource projects to scale your marketing agency and grow your business.” – Yeah, we get those ads too. The risk with outsourcing work to a third-party vendor is that it can be more costly with multiple revisions and quality checks. On the other hand, hiring and training new team members is time-consuming and may not be the most cost-effective route to go. We help fill the gap, working with you to meet client demands as a partner you can trust. You inherit an established and dedicated marketing team with over 200 years of collective experience. The agencies we partner with are better positioned to see data-driven results, retain clients, and enhance their overall campaign performance than they would with outsourced work. Create a new revenue stream for your agency!

What to expect

At iNet Media, we value collaboration and transparency – and this approach is no different when we work with other like-minded agencies. As a true digital marketing agency partner, we actively manage campaigns and projects, analyze data, and monitor results. This allows us to make informed decisions that move the needle. As a partner, you can expect:

  • Client security and protection with a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Recurring monthly revenue, create new income streams without hiring new staff
  • A clear definition of roles and responsibilities between teams
  • Ongoing communication – we don’t just ‘set it and forget it’
  • Honesty right from the get-go – we cut out the fluff to maximize time and revenue for all parties
  • A team that truly cares about the quality of work we produce
  • Results. Our work speaks for itself  – Check out our case studies
What we provide as a partner

We have a finger on the pulse of the latest digital marketing strategies. Each member of our team is an expert in their field who possesses the skills, creativity, passion, and drive to get the job done right. As a proud Google Premier Partner, our digital services must exceed certain standards – standards that are passed on to you and your clients. We offer:

  • Experienced full-stack web developers up-to-date with the latest industry standards
  • Hand-coded, device-responsive websites with proper analytical and behaviour tracking
  • A design team trained and certified by the Nielson Norman Group, a world leader in user experience
  • Innovative UI/UX minded design that represents your brand
  • Data-driven content and SEO strategy
  • Content writing and keyword/topic research
  • Tailored website copywriting that speaks your values
  • Fully managed PPC campaigns in Google Ads and social media

Work with a team that works well together.


How to get started.

A mutually beneficial partnership for all involved.

We have successfully partnered with marketing, branding, and web design and development agencies, working closely with our partners to achieve objectives. Together, we address the current marketing challenges and create a digital strategy that is data-driven and practical. We treat the process as an eco-system, with every detail driving the outcome you and your clients want to see. We are experts at designing and developing a responsive, search engine-friendly website, fully managed PPC campaigns, and creating an SEO and content strategy that brings in quality leads and organic traffic.

To get started, simply reach out to us with a brief description of your needs and interests. Whether you have clients seeking services outside of your scope or you don’t have the internal capacity to take on the project, we can help as your extended team. The result? Greater client retention, higher-quality deliverables, and a partnership that can make a bigger impact.


Have your own in-house marketing team?

We offer consultation and training digitally across North America, teaching in-house marketing teams our highly effective techniques. Our team of experts can train your team on brand strategy, content & SEO, and analytics & reporting. Learn our tried and true strategies that have delivered incredible results for our clients over the years.

Additionally, we can work alongside your in-house marketing team to strengthen your current marketing strategy. If you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, let’s get to the root of the problem and find a solution.


Let’s talk about your business.

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