UX design is the psychology and ergonomics of interaction and interface-based design built for users.

UX design, short for user experience design, is a method of design that involves various principles, methodologies, and techniques aimed at crafting meaningful and seamless interactions between users and digital products or services.

It involves understanding audience needs, behaviors, and preferences through research, and using those insights to design intuitive digital products and engaging experiences. The goal of UX Design is to curate user-centered visuals that are enhancing user engagement, conversions, and brand equity.

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It all starts with you.

iNet Media’s experienced in-house UX Designers work with our clients to understand their brand, audience, marketing goals and conversion paths. This allows our team to design visual digital products that speak to your audience and drive more conversions. We begin with initial concepts or wireframes and then design different variations to tell your story and promote your services.

Outside of our UX Design team’s educational credentials, our team is also certified through the Nielsen Norman Group which is the World’s leading UX Design training facility. Our UX Design agency has won several UX Design awards for our digital product designs.

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Most agencies fail at UX Design and create visuals to appeal to their clients. Our UX Design team creates compelling designs that speak to your audience.


Custom designed websites that speak to your audience.

iNet Media’s UX Website Design team works with businesses to understand their brand, audience, marketing goals, conversion methods and competition to custom design websites that speak to your audience. This is achieved by better understanding your target audience, conducting research, and applying principles of UX design to create intuitive navigation, clear conversion paths, and user-friendly interfaces.

Many of the recent changes made by Google and the industry are aimed to augment User Experience. Successful marketing requires a website that provides users with a seamless and engaging experience, ensuring that a website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, encourages conversions and delivers the desired information or ability to sell, or promote a brand.

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Brand guidelines

Branding that represents you and your audience.

Your brand is crucial as it represents your identity, perception and reputation, helping to foster trust, create competitive differentiation, and build emotional connections with your customers. iNet Media’s team of UX Designers assists businesses with building or revising a brand strategy. Our team has helped thousands of customers build their brand and create brand equity within their industry.

Our team can also assist by creating logos for new start-up businesses or established businesses looking to design a new look. Your logo is essential as it serves as a visual representation of your brand, instantly conveying its identity, values, and recognition, making it a vital tool for establishing brand awareness and making a memorable impression on customers. Our team will meet with our clients to understand their business, market and goal and craft brand strategies and/or logos to showcase their services and brand identity .


Graphic Design services to align your brand with your companies needs.

iNet Media offers several additional graphic design services. Our team has extensive knowledge and education to assist our clients outside of website and brand creation. Our User Experience (UX) Design team can assist in creating business cards, letterhead design, signage design, print, outdoor design, packaging and motion graphic designs.

Every business has different needs. During our initial meetings we will establish any requirement for any of these additional design services and deliver visual options to select from. Once approved we will package all original design format files to provide you with.

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Our User Experience (UX) Design Process


Conduct user research to gain a deep understanding of the target audience, their needs, behaviors, and preferences.


Develop the digital product architecture by structuring the content, brand elements and functionality of a digital product.


Create skeletal representations of the digital product’s layout and structure. Wireframes focus on functionality/placement rather than visual design.


Apply visual elements, including colors, typography, imagery, and branding, to enhance the aesthetic appeal and create a cohesive and visually pleasing look


Based on the feedback received, refine the design, making necessary adjustments to improve the user experience and address any usability issues.


Work closely with development teams to ensure the design is implemented accurately and consistently to align with the design vision.


Digital marketing is constantly evolving, iNet Media’s team stays current with the latest certifications.

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You have questions, we have answers.

Our design is agnostic, meaning that we can design in any style. UX design encompasses a variety of different styles such as minimalistic, modern, traditional, corporate, educational, photographic, typography-driven and many more. We have won several UX Design awards for the designs we have created. Our goal is to design digital products that speak to your audience and help tell your story while driving more conversions and building brand equity.

Our UX Design team are experts in Adobe’s creative suite of products. Mainly we use Adobe XD which is a powerful design and prototyping design tool that enables our team to craft interactive user interfaces and experiences for websites, display ads, and other digital graphics.

UX Design is fundamental to keeping people on your website and encouraging conversions. A website that is truly built for its audience allows you to assist those searching for your products and services to make more informed decisions. Google has made several changes to encourage businesses to increase the user experience of their websites. This provides your customers with a visually compelling website that will function much better with your marketing.

No, everything that we build is custom-designed meaning we have taken the time to better understand your business and to research and analyze your marketing goals and message. Our design team will work directly with you to establish everything they require prior to getting started. Unfortunately, many agencies are still using website builders, themes and do-it-yourself platforms which use very templated designs. Our team will ensure you will be proud and approve of the look of your website to enjoy it for years to come.

The simplest answer is as many as it requires. We start by creating two variations of your homepage. This provides a different perspective and design style. Once you have decided on a design that you prefer we then move ahead on the designs of any interior pages and mobile designs. Our team works closely with you throughout the project to ensure we get your vision along with the requirements of your website correct. Although it is rare to go through multiple revision stages, our team will ensure you approve the design before we proceed to develop it.