Get to know Amy.

Amy is the Lead Designer at iNet. She is a SAIT graduate.

Marketing professional since 2013.

Amy inet media employee
“iNet strives to continually improve, growing with industry and technology changes.”

If there is a word or phrase that can be associated with Amy, it would be ‘above and beyond’. She is extremely dedicated to the clients she partners with to bring their unique vision to life. Amy leads the design team with years of experience under her belt. Her meticulous eye for detail combined with her technical expertise in creating responsive designs is what makes iNet’s design services top-level.

Outside of work, her ideal weekend involved camping with friends and family, roasting marshmallows on the fire, and swimming in the lake. If she could visit any place in the world every year, it would be Greece.

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Get to know Avinash

Paid Search Lead

Avinash (Nash) and his team invest in being up-to-date with new industry tech and products to bring data-backed decision-making that iNet is proficient with.

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