Get to know Darren.

Darren is number 3 at iNet. He has been with the company since 2015.

Marketing professional since 2007.

Darren inet media employee
“Businesses would be hard-pressed to find another company that provides the value we do in the digital space, with our well-rounded experience, without paying a top national agency price tag.”

Darren is an integral part of building iNet to the reputable company it is today. He values iNet’s enthusiasm for the finer details, helping businesses make their vision into a reality, and the proactive-collaborative approach between teams to help clients achieve their goals and scale their business. As a true leader, he takes joy in sharing ideas and data analysis and being a teacher. His competitive side likes having clients look back after 3-6 months and wonder why they continued doing what they were doing for so long without making a move sooner; and now trusting iNet whole-heartedly in having their best interests at heart. He helps businesses recognize their new ‘floor’ so they are able to strive for new ‘ceilings’.

Outside of work, his ideal weekend would be golfing or doing something active/social, being out on the lake or the ocean, having a night out with drinks and new cuisine at a nice venue, and a day at home to relax and cook up a nice dinner with a good documentary. (He always has the best movie recommendations during Monday morning kick-off meetings.)

If he could visit a place every year, it would be Croatia – right in the middle of Europe, castles and cities of times past, great cuisine, people, culture, a coastline so beautiful it is rivalled by few, and the Adriatic Sea shared with Italy and Greece. His favourite travel destination is Fiji. “To this day, I have never met happier, more in touch, generous, and friendly people than the Fijians. Amazing trekking, homestays, food, scenery, and hundreds of incredible islands to get away from it all.”

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Get to know Jacq

Business Development Manager

Jacqueline (Jacq) draws on her experience in business communications to connect with her clients. Taking time to get to know each business to be truly involved in their success.

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