Get to know Nash.

Avinash is the Paid Search Lead at iNet and a former Google employee.

Marketing professional since 2013.

Nash inet media employee
“We test out a lot of beta products and best practices, which I feel a lot of other agencies do not have the liberty or expertise to do so.”

What drives Avinash (Nash) in his role are the connections he makes with local businesses in Calgary and across the country. And of course, the amazing people that he has come across in the digital marketing world (the best ones of course being the iNet team – but we’re a little biased). “It’s the people that make this field interesting and exciting for me.”

Nash and his team invest in being up-to-date with new industry techs and products to bring data-backed decision-making that iNet is proficient with. His commitment and tenacity are just two of the reasons his role has grown so quickly within the company.

If he could visit any place in the world every year, it would be the Maldives, Manchester – Old Trafford, and Cancun. His ideal weekend includes having brunch with his wife, hiking through the woods, Fifa, video games, swimming, and Netflix.

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