Get to know Jacq.

Jacqueline is the Business Development Manager at iNet.

Marketing professional since 2013.

Jacq inet media employee
“We don’t have a turn and burn or revolving door, which from experience and feedback, is what makes such an impact. I am often told by clients that we bring a different vibe to the table.”

Jacqueline (Jacq) draws on her extensive experience in business communications to connect with her clients. She takes the time to get to know each business, diving headfirst to be truly involved and become an integral part of the client’s marketing success. No two clients are ever the same, and she approaches each like a unique puzzle to piece together the elements and intimate details that make sense for their particular business.

Jacq’s authenticity and energy are contagious – “We treat this more than like a job and as a result that synergy is felt from across a room in many cases.” While there are many agencies out there, she takes pride in the way iNet has built an atmosphere where people have developed very organic relationships with the clients.

Outside of work, Jacq’s ideal weekend is spent with her horses (preferably on an island in the Caribbean). Her favourite places she’s visited are Buenos Aires, Sydney, Istanbul, St. Moritz, and Barbados.

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