Get to know Derek.

Derek is the SEO Director at iNet. His career has taken him around the world.

Marketing professional since 2008.

Derek Kent - SEO Director - iNet Media
“The no BS approach doesn’t only mean telling someone what they need to know, it’s responsible marketing. I love that we are not pushovers and yes-men.”

There is an endless amount of information in the SEO world – tips, tricks, courses, and resources that claim to help businesses rank. In his years in the field, Derek has sorted through the details to find what actually works. His approach is finding creative solutions for clients by diving deep into their data. It’s this data-driven strategy that produces favourable outcomes for companies to expand their reach and visibility. Derek leads his team with clarity and humour, which creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable to present their ideas, solve problems, and communicate openly.

One of Derek’s favourite countries to visit is India for the incredible food, culture, and the interesting blend of modern and old-world values. His ideal weekend would be spent motorcycle riding, skiing, spending time with his wife, reading on the beach or just a bench in nice weather, and drinking beer with friends.

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Development Lead

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