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Are you struggling to manage your companies Social Media? Our Social Media Management solutions are designed to help you drive new sales and stay on top of your competition.

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Let’s face it, Social Media isn’t for everybody. We now live in an age of #Hashtagging, pinning, Tweeting and Instagramming. However Social media has altered the methods we communicate, keep in touch and do business.  Never before have so many connections been made without ever having a face to face meeting.  Every day, conversations about services and products take place online and influence many more through reviews and social engagement.  Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to name just a few give intelligent creative brands an opportunity to frame the discussion and turn potential customers into lifetime advocates.  Search Engines now require this customer social media engagement more than ever and will recognize social media interaction and reward businesses with higher ranking. Trust the Calgary Social Media Management experts!




For most businesses, taking on the $70,000 annual salary of a social media manager simply is not feasible.  Business owners understand the value of social media, but the execution often leaves something to be desired.  Our experience has shown that few pages are created, and limited content is shared.  But without the right strategy, campaigns gain little traction and the work involved seems like a drain on valuable resources with very little benefit.


Trust the Experts!


The truth is, keeping up with all the networks, composing witty tweets and creating compelling content is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  At iNet Media we believe in the power of social and want to put it to work for your business.  When it comes to social, more is not always better.  In fact, strategy is everything.  Allow us to guide you through the early stages as we build a framework and organizational game plan.

How We Can Help

Social Media requires a strategy, trust the certified Social Media Management experts at iNet Media. What we provide is the following:

  • Certified Social Media Strategists (CSMS)

    Yes you heard that right, our team has completed over 500 hours of training and have obtained Certificates to properly manage your campaign. You will not be working with your neighbor's sister’s niece who is glued to her twitter account.

  • Design/Build

    Our team will facilitate the creation and/or amalgamation of all key social media platforms to set the campaign in the right direction. We will ensure we create a successful plan to educate, entertain and engage your audience ensuring your communications are appropriate for your customers and most importantly drive new sales.

  • Management and/or Collaboration

    Depending on the level of service required, we will either fully manage your campaign or work with you and your team to co-manage all social media. Ensuring we will guide them to success. We will also initiate the plan to ensure the message, tone, story and banter stays consistent to marketing goals. Our Reputation Management service will even provide engaging content for you to use.

  • Analysis and Reporting

    iNet Media has exclusive access to technology to gauge and analyze the response and success of your campaign. We will employ this technology during the life-cycle and ensure we meet all established benchmarks. Our reporting tools will give you clear insight to see how well your campaign is running and even methods to track sales and new prospect leads.

  • Cost

    In our current economic climate companies do not want to spend between $50-120k/year for an employee to manage their social Media. Our team at iNet Media will tailor a Social Media Strategy program to suit your budget ensuring you are working with skilled and Certified experts that will get the job done.

“Let me first off say that I know nothing about Social Media however as my business grew I have recognized the importance and that I needed to adapt to how my customers respond online. I initially had a co-workers daughter intern over the summer and she looked after some of our campaigns. Unfortunately we quickly recognized this was not feasible. She did not understand our clients, the nature of our business and their buying habits. We were faced with a tough decision and we did not want to devote a salary to having someone manage our platforms with risk attached. We spoke with Brad at iNet who developed our website and introduced a social media strategy program. Brad has worked collaboratively with members of our team to develop a plan and benchmark with the program. We now have consistent content being applied to several platforms each day. Our Facebook likes have grown from a modest 120 to over 3200 and we are getting excellent reviews and engagement which has grown our placement on Google. The team is always available to give assistance and their solution is affordable for any business to manage in their marketing budget.”

Sarah W.

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