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Our SEO Search Engine Optimization solutions here in Calgary, will help boost your SERP ranking, ensuring you are in front of ready-to-buy customers.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the system of refining and promoting a website with the focus to boost the number of visitors the website receives from a range of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are several characteristics to SEO, from the back-end configuration of the website to the content and wording on each page as well as many other ever-changing online factors such as Social Media engagement, inbound links, expertise, authority, trust, mobility and usability, and many other factors

Outsourcing Your SEO?

Avoid companies working overseas to manage your SEO. It is a very technical application that should be left to local experts. There must be attention to the way search engines crawl or read your site and how other sites link to you on the web. In short, SEO can seem pretty daunting however our team members individually at iNet Media have specialized in Calgary SEO since the mid-nineties, we’ll apply proven SEO techniques to structure a site and utilize the type of content that Search Engines love and recognize. We’ll also benchmark each of your chosen key phrases prior to starting and provide monthly SEO reports to show the growth.

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Creation of SEO Goals & Targets

During our initial meeting will review your SEO goals and outline our plan for the services to be provided. We will then communicate our strategy for short term and long-term success by benchmarking where your website currently ranks on Search Engine results pages vs where our SEO work will rank your website.


We use our cutting edge technology and our vast website knowledge to understand any website back-end technical imperfections and take any measures to correct them, ensuring the website is primarily performing properly and exceeds Search Engine standards. We may require access to your website and/or communication with your current website provider. This is essential to the ongoing success. A redesign of the current website may be required for optimal results.

Strategy and Execution

Our team will build a plan of action to boost website ranking and execute with a sequence of keyword analysis, link building, article writing, blogging, Google my business, social media strategy, local representation and many other tactics. Our emphasis is to use industry leading best practises to oversee your placement and local listings, ensuring all content is updated, accurate, and aligns with your benchmarks to provide optimal placement of your website for any relevant searched keywords.

Reporting, Management and Analysis

Throughout the year we will implement changes to improve your position and adjust to any Search Engine Algorithm adjustments that will happen. Unfortunately these changes happen frequently throughout the year. Once the campaign is set-up we will provide thorough and detailed reporting to clarify performance and any trends. We will utilize this information as a foundation for recommendations to optimize your website ranking and position as your company grows.

We started working with iNet Media in 2013. Prior to meeting with their team, we had our website built by a large agency in Calgary. We were unhappy with the overall design and concerned over the inability to find our website online. We paid the agency over $15,000 to build our website and design an SEO strategy. During our meeting with iNet Media, we were informed that our website had been blacklisted by Google. The agency that built our website used improper optimization techniques on the website causing Google to remove it (manual penalty). We also found out that the company had outsourced our SEO and the company overseas were applying bad links to the site. iNet’s team removed all the bad code within the website and removed over 500 bad links. Within six months we went from having no ranking and the website removed from Google to getting our website back online and being ranked first online for seven different keyword phrases. Our business has experienced significant growth since and we are thrilled to work with their team.

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