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Significant increase in organic traffic in less than six months.

Our result.

369 %
increase in conversions in the last 6 months
If we could choose a case study to highlight the effectiveness of what a professionally manage paid search PPC campaign can do, this would be it!
51.73% drop in Cost Per Click

which translated into a 105.85% increase in visitors

369% increase in conversions across all campaigns

within a six-month period when compared to the same period in the previous year

100% increase in identifying user behaviour

and corporate visitors to the website

Cervus exterior of shop

Marketing challenge.

At a previous agency, Cervus’ paid search pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management had been automated, impacting their quality score optimization and using more budget than necessary to get mediocre results.

Poor paid search campaign performance

Automated campaigns were pulling in high impressions and low click-through rates from an audience that could not be determined as relevant or not.

Limited traffic acquisition data

Without understanding traffic acquisition data, the Cervus team could not improve on previous campaigns, wasting time and budgets.

No understanding of user behaviour

Once a paid search ad landed a customer on the website, the tracking ended there. Handcuffing the ability to properly optimize the website for customer interests.

The iNet solution.

Moving the paid search PPC campaigns out of automation allowed our team to manually optimize each campaign for maximum efficiency. The manual approach also opened up much-needed channels of communication about performance and traffic, providing a detailed view of how Cervus’ audience engages with their paid search PPC ads.

Improve search
engine marketing

Manually optimized campaigns provided improved data insight with massive conversion increases to match.

Optimize keyword
and ad groups

Relevant keyword engagement was compared to website engagement for an improved approach to ad grouping and ad messaging.

Improvement for

A website technical audit uncovered some issues preventing smooth conversions when users visited from an ad. Improving these issues made conversions simple.

Analytics tracking
and insight

Our deep dive into paid, earned, and organic traffic data and analytics improved ad and website content alike, improving performance in paid search and many other digital marketing areas.

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