Google’s Core Web Vitals: What is it and Why Should You Care?

Core Web Vitals are a regularized set of standards developed by Google to assist developers with understanding the user experience when they visit a site. There are three individual components that Core Web Vitals comprises, each impacting your overall user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. These particular elements are based on page speed as well as interaction measurements,...

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Third party cookies thumb

Google’s Removal of Third-Party Cookies in 2022: What you Need to Know 

Did you know that over 23% of all websites use cookies? That equates to a staggering 391,000,000 sites that are utilizing these text files. An inordinate number that continues to grow by the...

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The Cost of Going “The Cheap Route”

We find ourselves having similar conversations with Calgary business owners each week. The conversation begins with a discovery session to understand our client's or prospective client’s needs. During these conversations; it is usually...

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

I’m continually nagging, sorry, asking our clients to start blogging and to have interesting articles written about the great things they are doing, in their company and community. Nearly all just don’t have...

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Mobile Friendly Websites in 2020

Five years ago, on April 21, 2015, Google launched a mobile-friendly algorithm update that would have significant impacts on businesses worldwide. The changes are designed to improve user experience and reward companies and...

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What is Reputation Management?

We've all seen them, negative comments or reviews about a business or person online, they appear in the form of a blog post, newspaper article, social media or review site. Unfortunately, customers are...