iNet Media is a Google Premier Partnership Digital Marketing Agency

Inet media premier google partner

The world of online marketing can be complicated, and moreover, a mountainous challenge to track, measure, and analyze. Most businesses don’t specialize in digital advertising, and as a result, they need the assistance of companies that do.

Where do you turn to? What businesses have the knowledge and skills to help? Where can you invest your hard-earned money and see a profitable return?

This is where a Google Premier Partner comes into play.

What Is A Google Premier Partner?

Google Partners are marketing agencies, digital advertising experts, and other specialists who possess the expertise to handle your Google Ads (Formerly known as Google AdWords) account.

Considered to be the highest-ranked partners, Google Premier Partners are acknowledged for their skills, proper certification, and campaign performance. Additionally, this accreditation is awarded once candidates have proven their ability to grow their client’s Google Ads campaign(s) effectively — conversions and campaign performance analytics are reviewed by Google.

iNet Media is a digital marketing agency that has worked diligently over the years to earn a Google Premier Partner status.

While this status with Google is not easy to obtain, it’s not hard to see how iNet earned the prestigious partnership. iNet’s roster boasts a highly experienced team of digital marketing experts with over 200 years of combined experience.

Our team’s vetted expertise, interweaved with our unrelenting commitment to reach our client’s goals, has allowed iNet Media to achieve this important accolade in the digital marketing field.

Why This Is Important For You As A Client?

Google Premier Partner status is a high-valued and prestigious accomplishment in the field of professional digital marketing. For this reason, achieving it is an arduous process. Applicants are required to illustrate Google Ads campaign management and optimization skills.

Demonstrated by:

  • Consistent business growth, determined by the ad performance
  • Proof of income campaign growth through Google Ads
  • Specialists on the Google Ads account must have proper certification
  • Pass a Google campaign review

The question is – why is this important for clients who are looking to work with a digital marketing agency? When a company chooses a Google Premier Partner, what they receive is a high level of knowledge, quality, and a proven track record of results.

Essentially, businesses acknowledged by Google with a Premier Partnership status are a league above agencies with the standard Google Partnership status, which only requires half of a company’s Ad Managers to be properly certified. The status of Google Premier Partner has only been awarded to a small percentage of Canadian and American digital marketing agencies.

The advantages of being a Google Premier Partner

There are many perks to becoming a Premier Partner, and these advantages can only be enjoyed via this particular level of status. Agencies without a Premier Partnership status are exempt from these benefits, including:

  • Exclusive product updates
  • Campaign start-up discount
  • Expert account management
  • Insight from Google’s Annual Partner conference
  • Executive coaching from Google

At iNet, the cost-savings, up-to-date industry knowledge, and access to the latest tools and coaching from Google are passed down to our clients. The world of digital marketing is ever-evolving. Google Premier Partners have a finger on the pulse of current trends and important changes that can impact the overall performance of a digital marketing strategy.

iNet Media’s Commitment to Excellence

Even after achieving Google Premier Partner status, helping thousands of businesses achieve their goals, and becoming an authority in Western Canada in the online marketing space, iNet refuses to rest on its laurels and continues to drive forward with its commitment to excellence top of mind.

Our Google Premier Partner status is one of the many accomplishments that iNet Media is proud to have achieved over the years. To this day, iNet continues to break new ground with its straightforward, no-nonsense approach to helping their clients reach their goals and objectives.

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