The Family Psychology Place

More conversions and increased organic traffic with transparent reporting.

Our result.

790 %
more conversions and increase in conversions and organic traffic.
Since benchmarking the final month of marketing performance from their previous agency. We have seen a 790% increase in conversions since taking over.
Clearly identify areas of improvement

Our digital marketing performance audit clearly laid out our improvements and how they would benefit their business.

Collaborative meetings on UI/UX and design

Our team worked closely with the Family Psychology team to ensure their needs and goals were met when developing their digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Execute new digital marketing plan

Our newly developed marketing plan came with more than updated tactics and strategy, it came with reporting. Our reports continue to provide inspiration for better campaigns, and an update on continued marketing performance.

family psychology place online marketing case study

Marketing challenge.

As the largest private psychology clinic in Western Canada, their needs were not being met with their previous agency. In the initial stages, we worked directly with the owners and marketing manager. Setting up a strategy to greatly improve the website’s UX design, development, and digital marketing. Which included Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization.

Limited lead generation

The previous agency was failing to bring in quality leads and not tracking the performance to report on why this was happening.

Lack of organic traffic and bookings

No SEO strategy means poor organic traffic, unfortunately, this was the case before they switched over to iNet.

Non-search engine friendly website

The website lacked the ability to effectively generate leads or to remain sustainable as technology grows and updates.

The iNet solution.

The Family Psychology Place’s website needed a lot of work, which is not something new for us to see. Once presenting a detailed audit with the how/what/why of our recommendations, the client was able to see and understand the website improvements and their benefits. After rebuilding the website into a search engine-friendly force for content, we began adding SEM/PPC and call tracking to the mix. All digital marketing channels are reported on monthly to clearly communicate performance.


Starting with technical SEO, we made the website discoverable by search engines. Next, we researched top keywords and topics, optimizing all new content with on-page SEO.

Optimize keyword
and ad groups

Relevant PPC keyword engagement was compared to client and competitor website engagement for an improved approach to ad group targeting and ad copy messaging.


With a deep understanding of audience data, our SEM & SEO teams started paid and organic keyword and topic research. From here, we optimized content to generate more leads.

Analytics tracking
and insight

Our deep dive into paid, earned, and organic traffic data and analytics improved ad and website content alike, improving performance in paid search and many other digital marketing areas.

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