AIP Safety

Site visitors and conversions greatly improved year over year.

Our result.

AIP-Safety client of inet media
161 %
increase in conversions from the previous agency
Another great example of our SEM and SEO campaigns bringing more paid and organic website visits, adding up to more conversions.
182% increase in site visitors

The increase in site visitors translated into a 161% increase in conversions

36 keywords with organic page 1 ranking

Our hard-earned SEO work shows up on the SERP when AIPs customers search for their services

1703+ student bookings for training

Our paid and organic digital tactics ensure our clients continued engagement with the right audience

AIP-Safety-online marketing case study

Marketing challenge.

We took over AIP Safety’s digital marketing from another agency. The previous agency had the AIP website on an out-of-date CMS, and being the largest safety training company in Calgary, AIP needed a sustainable website and CMS to effectively generate leads and grow over time. Since our taking over in mid-2020, we have greatly increased their site visits, conversions, and overall content quality.

Out-of-date website and content management system (CMS)

The previous agency had them on an outdated CMS, which limited the website’s ability to generate leads and grow as technology advances.

No SEO effort or know-how

We come across this problem a lot. Most agencies believe downloading the Yoast plugin is enough.

Poor paid search campaign communicaiton

With limited reporting and communication, the AIP team was left in the dark about their performance. Reporting and measurement come standard with all of our campaigns.

The iNet solution.

By updating the website design and content management system (CMS), the AIP Safety website was able to start effectively generating leads 24/7. Allowing their team to focus on more important issues, knowing that their marketing is being taken care of. The manual optimization approach for the PPC campaigns greatly enhanced traffic to the website. Combined with SEO’s organic traffic, both paid and organic engagements were measured to understand performance. With a deeper understanding of the audience data, we improved the SEO content strategy to drive more organic traffic and leads.

Website CMS

It can be hard to hear that your CMS needs to be updated, it’s a lot of work. We take the time to guide you through the benefits and how we will implement the changes.

Optimize keyword
and ad groups

Relevant PPC keyword engagement was compared to client and competitor website engagement for an improved approach to ad group targeting and ad copy messaging.


Once we had a deep understanding of the audience data, our SEO team started organic keyword and topic research. From here, we optimized content to generate more leads.

Analytics tracking
and insight

Our deep dive into paid, earned, and organic traffic data and analytics improved ad and website content alike, improving performance in paid search and many other digital marketing areas.

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