132% increase in overall conversions in the last 6 months

This case study demonstrates the profound benefits of effective digital marketing strategies and expert management of paid search PPC campaigns.

44% drop in Cost Per Click

This reduction was accompanied by a notable 196% increase in conversions from organic traffic, showcasing a more cost-effective and efficient campaign management.

196% increase in conversions from organic traffic

This marks a significant improvement in attracting and converting visitors through finely tuned organic search strategies.

70% increase in engaged session organic traffic

This substantial growth in engagement rates underscores our enhanced capability to monitor and analyze user interactions with the website.

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The Marketing Challenge

Spectra Light Window Films struggled with a confusing web presence characterized by poor UI/UX and a lack of essential Google tools, hindering effective local SEO and accurate performance measurement.

Poor paid search campaign performance

Their PPC campaigns previously suffered from inefficiencies, resulting in high costs and low engagement due to a lack of strategic focus.

No SEO strategy

The absence of a structured SEO approach limited their ability to leverage organic search for traffic and conversion growth.

Limited traffic acquisition data

Previously, insufficient data collection and analysis restricted their understanding of campaign dynamics, leading to ineffective budget allocations.

No understanding of user behaviour

Lacking detailed insights into how users interacted with their ads and website, previous efforts were unable to optimize customer experiences effectively.

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Our intervention involved a comprehensive overhaul of Spectra Light’s website to enhance UI/UX design, technical construction, and mobile responsiveness. We implemented and fine-tuned essential Google products, which, coupled with a revamped approach to PPC campaigns, significantly bolstered measurement capabilities and campaign precision.

This strategic enhancement of their digital assets has facilitated a deeper understanding of audience engagement, driving significant improvements in traffic quality and conversion rates.