303% increase in key events over the last 6 months

This case study showcases the exceptional outcomes of strategic digital enhancements and focused management of organic search capabilities.

323% increase in relevant user traffic and engagement

A testament to our targeted approach in attracting and retaining a highly engaged audience through precision in digital marketing and content relevance.

368% increase in engaged session organic traffic

Indicates a substantial enhancement in the depth and quality of user interactions, driven by our advanced analytics and user experience optimizations.

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The Marketing Challenge

The Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta faced significant challenges with a disjointed online presence and lacked the integration of essential Google tools, which limited their ability to conduct local SEO and accurate performance analytics.

No SEO strategy

Previously, there was no coherent strategy to utilize organic search as a tool for increasing visibility and engagement, significantly stifling growth potential.

Limited traffic acquisition data

The lack of robust data collection and analytics previously prevented the society from making informed decisions to improve their digital marketing strategies.

No understanding of user behaviour

Without insights into how users interacted with their website and content, it was challenging to tailor experiences to meet user needs and preferences effectively.

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Our intervention included a complete overhaul of the website to improve UI/UX design, enhance technical architecture, and ensure mobile responsiveness. We integrated and optimized key Google products, focusing on elevating organic search performance and refining measurement practices.

These strategic enhancements have not only improved the site’s usability but also its ability to attract and engage a more relevant audience, leading to a significant rise in user interaction metrics and overall traffic quality.