295% increase in overall conversions in the last 6 months

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of a well-managed, professional paid search PPC campaign.

70% drop in Cost Per Click

This significant reduction led to a remarkable 325% increase in conversions from organic traffic, highlighting improved efficiency and effectiveness.

325% increase in conversions from organic traffic

This reflects an astute optimization of organic search strategies over a six-month period compared to the same timeframe the previous year.

62% increase in engaged session organic traffic

Enhanced tracking and analytics have doubled our insights into user behavior and corporate visitor engagement.

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The Marketing Challenge

Before working with us, First Truck Centre faced significant online visibility issues due to a confusing website structure, lack of unified site management, and underutilized Google products which hindered local SEO and accurate measurement.

Poor paid search campaign performance

Their previous approach to paid search PPC lacked a targeted strategy, leading to low engagement rates and high costs per click.

No SEO strategy

Without a cohesive SEO strategy, organic traffic growth was stunted, limiting the potential for conversion increases.

Limited traffic acquisition data

A lack of comprehensive data severely restricted their ability to refine and improve campaigns, resulting in inefficient budget use.

No understanding of user behaviour

Previously, the tracking ended as soon as a paid search ad landed a customer on the site, which made optimizing the website for customer interests nearly impossible.

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Our solution involved consolidating First Truck Centre’s web presence into a single, highly functional site. We introduced and optimized essential Google products, which alongside our overhaul of their PPC strategies, significantly enhanced measurement and targeting capabilities.

This manual optimization of their campaigns has opened up critical communication channels about performance and user engagement, providing deep insights into how their audience interacts with First Truck Centre’s offerings.