1211% increase in overall conversions in the last 3 months

This case study highlights the explosive growth in conversions, driven by a comprehensive overhaul of digital marketing strategies and effective campaign management.

803% increase in conversions from organic traffic

Demonstrates an exceptional improvement in attracting and converting users through optimized organic search efforts.

679% increase in engaged session organic traffic

This substantial increase indicates a significantly enhanced user experience, leading to deeper and more meaningful interactions with the website.

Conversions increased from an average of 72 per month to 872 per month

A dramatic rise in monthly conversions, showcasing the impact of our targeted digital interventions.

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The Marketing Challenge

365 Golf previously faced significant obstacles due to a confusing website structure and lack of access to essential Google tools, hindering effective local SEO and accurate performance analytics.

No SEO strategy

The absence of a coherent strategy for SEO left the website underperforming in organic search results, limiting visibility and user engagement.

Limited traffic acquisition data

Previously, the lack of comprehensive data collection restricted the ability to effectively analyze and optimize digital marketing strategies.

No understanding of user behaviour

The inability to track and understand user interactions meant that previous marketing efforts could not be optimized to meet user preferences and needs.

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After taking over from a previous agency, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the website and its marketing approach. Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in monthly conversions, skyrocketing from 72 to 872.

We also significantly enhanced the SEO and introduced advanced measurement techniques for tracking user traffic and engagement, leading to a deep understanding of audience behavior and preferences. These insights have been crucial in driving the remarkable improvements in traffic quality and conversion rates.