Get to know Ceniza.

Ceniza is the Content Lead and Content Approval Manager at iNet.

Ceniza inet media employee
“You can find a billion and one good content writers out there. But it’s a challenge to find ones who actually care about the clients. That’s the difference that iNet brings to the table.”

In her career as a copywriter, Ceniza is proud to have created content for industry leaders like LinkedIn, Daymond John, and ClickFunnels. But she says these accomplishments are worth nothing if she didn’t care about her clients. “What I would miss most if this field ceased to exist tomorrow is seeing the client’s excitement about how their content is helping them grow organic traffic and actually get leads for their business.” She believes that gaining the trust of her clients is top priority and that a good copywriter can write, but a great one marries skill and strategy with compassion and a genuine interest in the client’s business.

Honolulu, Hawaii holds a special place in her heart as it’s where she and her husband got married and where some of their family lives. She loves the Ohana culture (“family is bound together and responsible for one another”) and lives her life with family values at the forefront. Her ideal weekend is spent reading, going for a hike, hanging out with her family, and trying a new restaurant.

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