Why Choose iNet Media

Digital Media has replaced traditional marketing tactics, trust the experts with over 200 years of combined experience in website design and digital marketing expertise to handle your marketing needs.

Traditional Media is dying! Consumers are not reaching for a Yellow Pages, magazine ad or newspaper to begin their buying process.  Shoppers are fast-forwarding through TV commercials and subscribing to satellite radio to avoid being inundated with a barrage of ads. Our society does not want to be told who to buy from anymore. However they can still be dramatically influenced in their buying decisions.


As the number of online shoppers increases, it has become imperative that businesses equip themselves online to get in front of ready-to-buy customers searching for their products and services. The days of having a website alone are over! Business must ensure they have presence on Search Engines, strong online branding, social media strategy, a well-managed online reputation and a well performing, visually appealing website.


It is important to make the right choice when choosing a digital media agency. Businesses are generally advised to work with certified and experienced agencies and in many cases avoid the large expensive firms and the giants who sell phone directories and newspapers. Over 90% of digital media companies outsource their work overseas. Would you trust your business in the hands of a stranger across the globe?


We are proud of our 200 years of website design and digital media expertise. With over 3000+ successfully managed campaigns under our belt.

Low Cost

We offer effective advertising solutions for SMB Small-to-Medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Exclusive Technology

We offer cutting edge exclusive technology that focuses on driving new sales.

Customer Support

We are available at any time to answer your questions or to provide support.

Zero Outsourcing

Every project managed locally, no projects will be outsourced to someone who doesn’t know your business, customers, geographic region and market.

Measurable Results

All marketing should be measurable and accountable. All of our solutions offer reporting and analytics to demonstrate the success of each project during its lifecycle.


We offer North, South and Central Calgary locations therefore we are flexible and can meet clients anywhere within Calgary and Surrounding Area.

Campaign Management

We manage every campaign each week and visit our clients each month to ensure their needs are met.

Ready to get started? Contact the experts! WE’VE BEEN HELPING BUSINESSES SUCCEED SINCE THE MID 90’S.