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Bad reputation getting your company down? Our online reputation management service will help manage both negative and positive mentions about your business.

Reputation Managment image - iNet MediaEveryday around the globe, consumers are communicating, interacting and reviewing businesses on the web. Consumers can now find every business online in a variety of ways such as directory sites, online magazines, forums, social media and blogs to name a few. Visitors are more diligent when shopping online today, reviews and business reputation have become a major factor in influencing a buyer’s decision between your business and your competition.


Negative Reviews/Mentions


1 StarsAs a business owner you have worked hard to build a reputable brand. You are proud of your businesses accomplishments, however without even realizing, a very damaging negative review gets posted somewhere on the web about your business, before you know it you are losing customers and more importantly, you are losing money!


Any negative reviews need to be addressed immediately or they can significantly harm your company. An interesting fact is that over 90% of online shoppers check reviews before making a purchase, so with 1000’s of websites available for customers to review, communicate and interact with your business, you need to be aware of what people are saying at all times.


Positive Reviews/Mentions


5 StarsBusinesses also need to be cognizant of positive reviews and interactions online. Consumers online rely on these reviews to help influence their buying habits. If your customers are taking the time to post a positive review or communicate online about your business in a positive tone, then businesses must promote these reviews.


Online Business Directory Accuracy


Businesses must also ensure that all their information posted online is correct or it can have an effect on your SEO or affects how your website is ranked, not only that, but incorrect addresses, phone numbers and contact information can have you miss out on potential clients. Maybe you are not present on important directories, if you’re competition are benefiting from being on these directories, why can’t you?


Exclusive Online Reputation Management Solution


iNet Media has an exclusive solution for businesses to manage all aspects of their online reputation. We provide updates whenever online customers communicate, interact and review your business online. This can allow you to respond and potentially rectify negative reviews, promote positive reviews and banter through social media, blogs and your website and understand anytime someone talks about your business online. Our solution even has tools built in for lead generation for your sales teams and features to boost your ranking online. It encompasses every element of reputation management online and we believe is the most robust online reputation management tool on the internet.

How We Can Help

As daunting as maintaining a good online reputation can be, we are here to help. What we provide is the following:

Expert Management

Our team has over 60 years of expertise assisting business with their online marketing needs. We understand how important managing your online reputation can be. We will implement our technology and experience to ensure your online reputation grows strong.

Exclusive Technology

We offer the only Reputation Management solution of its kind. Our system gathers all the data you need to get a complete picture of your online reputation with tolls built in to increase sales and online ranking.


Our solution will draw any results from all review websites to view positive and negative interactions with your business that have happened in the past and immediately as they are posted, ensuring you are aware and stay on top of all reviews.


Compile mentions from an infinite amount of sources including news sites, blogs, and social networks, and highlight and promote the most positive using automated sentiment analysis and respond or manage to any negative mentions.

Online Listings

Verify the accuracy of all online business listings across review, directory, and social network sites. Inconsistent listing data can actually lead to poorer placement in search engine results and lost sales due to inaccurate information for your customers.

Sales Tools

Our Reputation Management system has built in tools geared to provide your sales team with a lead generation solution. Our solution has the ability to alert you when people are searching your products and services.


Instant alerts and weekly reporting that provide all reputation activity, including positive and negative reviews and mentions. An online dashboard is provided to access at any time and view your improving online reputation with ease.


Our team can assist in creating additional directory, review and social media listings. For negative reviews and mentions online we can assist in finding resolve with the client to assist in removing the review and/or sending cease and desist letters to remove damaging and malicious content online for an additional cost.

“Our business has been in operation in Calgary since 1956, we have always prided ourselves in striving to make every customer experience pleasant. Our focus has always been on the face-to-face interaction with our clients however we started to recognize that online we had very little control or knowledge of how people were interacting with our business. After finding some unfavorable reviews online we became concerned. We reached out to iNet Media to help. They worked with us to create a strategy to manage how our business is perceived online. Once we were set up, their system immediately sent us every review and interaction every done online about our business. We had no idea how many people had reviewed and communicated about our company. They found all the areas that we didn’t have representation on online and ensured we were listed and helped us promote any positive interaction with our business online. The solution is a must have for any business, not only do we now have eyes and ears on everything about our business online, it has allowed our team to introduce new strategy on how to manage our clients so every client can expect the same great service we have provided for decades.

Chris M.

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