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Tired of traditional marketing tactics that do not work? We are too! Get your business in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers each month with iNet Media’s online Display Advertising solutions.

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Businesses have been using branding to attract new customers for centuries. Magazine ads, flyers, billboards, newspaper ads and phone directories to name a few. These methods of branding are expensive, ineffective and lack the ability to track how much business is generated. Newspaper distribution is at an all-time low, people now fast forward past TV commercials, the phone directories are nearly extinct. Traditional branding and advertisements just aren’t cutting it anymore. Business owners understand the importance of branding themselves and marketing towards a specific audience. The age of digital branding is upon us. Now businesses can brand themselves and target any demographic of customer they wish, with the ability to focus within a specific geographic region.


Traditional branding has been replaced by Digital Media!

iNet Media offers the latest in cutting edge online branding and advertisement solutions. We present a vast array of solutions to get your online ad across a grand audience and attract ready-to-buy customers. Let’s face it, business owners are not willing to pay $10k to run a full page newspaper ad or $1500/month for a phone directory ad with absolutely no method to track its success. Our solutions are affordable, effective and provide tracking to show you how much business is generated. Our technology will place your ad on 10,000’s of relevant websites each month. Our average client’s ad is shown to over 500,000 people in Calgary all for a small fraction of what a typical traditional ad costs. Online display ads are an engaging and provoking ad with some call-to-action that are placed onto high traffic websites each day. Ads are shown to a much larger audience and generate very qualified click thrus into your website.


Why advertise with iNet Media:


  • Cost – Traditional media such as newspaper ads, phone directories, magazine, billboards, bus benches, TV commercials, radio, etc. are VERY expensive. These traditional methods cannot tell you how much business you are generating. Our online display advertising costs pennies on the dollar in comparison and generate better traffic leading to more sales.


  • Flexibility – We will tailor your campaign to your business goals. So whether your business goals are to attract female customers aged 18-30 on Facebook, every prospective client that has visited your competitor’s website or everyone across Canada we have you covered.


  • Tracking – With every build we will incorporate technology into your ad campaign to track click thru into your website, views, unique codes and even call tracking to show many calls were generated from the ad. Our tracking allows our clients to understand the Return on Investment from each campaign.


  • Demographic Targeting – Target a specific audience, no more placing an ad and hoping for the best. We have solutions to target the audience you are trying to capture. Ensuring your marketing dollars are well spent.

Display Ad Targeting Methods

We offer several online display advertising solutions, so whether you are looking to display your ads across Canada or to a specific age/gender we have a solution to fit your needs.


We will display your online ads on a network reaching over 92% of internet users. Ads are shown to highly engaged consumers and are displayed to maximize online reach.


When you visit a website, your computer leaves an online cookie or bit of code that tracks where you have searched online. Remarketing will take a real time note every time this occurs and will display online ads to that user based on their search history. For example if a consumer visits your website and leaves, they will continue to see your online ads on the websites they visit.

Social Media Ads

We will harness the power and reach of Social Media by displaying your online ads in front of ready-to-buy customers. Social media ads allow you to expand your presence and can be tailored to target customers by location, gender, age or even network.


Online display ads are shown to potential customers based off of specific keywords they are searching for, placing them on selected web sites, RSS feeds, mobile and video sites such YouTube.


Our team will work with you to determine the ideal target audience and display your ads to a specific targeted audience across the internet. Exhibiting your ad to your ideal customer.


Allows you to pick and choose what geographic region to display your ads in. We can query the ads to be shown in front of prospective customers based off of location, postal code and even language.

“We were spending over $4000/month in display ads with the phone book and over $3000/month in bus benches and trade magazines, we started working with iNet Media on a display ad campaign over a year ago and we moved most of our budget and are now seeing a ROI of over 550% and are able to know exactly how much business we are generating. Our $7000/month program couldn’t tell us if we generated any business if any. We moved most of our budget over and found that with iNet we get a monthly report to show how successful our ads are and even call recording. Our previous advertisements limited, driven to people who read the magazine or looked up our services in the phone book. Last month we had over 700,000 people view our online ads alone and have seen dramatic sales results with the surge in activity. I would strongly recommend working with Brad and Jules, they have helped our business transform and we now focus on where are customers are searching rather than traditional media!”


Rob B.

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