About Us

We are proud of our collective over 200 years of website design and digital media expertise. With over 3000+ successfully managed campaigns under our belt.

iNet Media is not a traditional digital media agency. We don’t sell phone directories, magazines, newspapers nor do we conform to the status quo of most agencies by providing expensive ineffective solutions.We also do not outsource our work or hire large expensive, unnecessary teams.

What our clients do receive are cutting edge solutions not offered by most agencies and a team that has their goals, objectives and best interests in mind. We truly take an interest in every business we choose to work with and become an extension of our client’s team. We pride ourselves on the projects we complete. We work with integrity, trust and energy, in fact most of our clients have grown to become friends.

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The agency was founded with a philosophy on changing the way businesses market themselves and how they interact with their clients online. The online digital agency was founded by Bradley Wood and Julian Winfield who together possess over 30 years of website development and digital marketing experience. The pair have worked with over 1000+ businesses to help them achieve their goals and objectives. In 2015 Darren Watson joined the team. Darren is a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant who holds over 10 years of experience and has managed over 1000+ clients within Alberta. Our teams focus and attention is placed on meeting and exceeding our client’s goals and providing measurable solutions, tailored specifically for each client we work with. Our passion, expertise and execution is apparent with every client and project.


Our team members have individually been involved in the online marketing world since the late 90’s and have recognized the paradigm shift on how businesses advertise their products and services. As more and more people are searching for products and services online, they are utilizing technology to connect them to sellers. Online demand is growing and businesses must change their methods to promote themselves to align current trends. Traditional media sources such as magazine ads, newspapers, TV commercials, phone directories, flyers, radio ads, billboards are expensive and cannot compete with the Return on Investment that digital marketing can provide. Business owners do not want to spend their valuable marketing dollars on solutions that do not meet current demands.


Digital media has replaced traditional marketing tactics. Trust the experts helping businesses succeed since the mid 90’s!


We are proud of our 60 years of website design and digital media expertise. With over 3000+ successfully managed campaigns under our belt.

Low Cost

We operate a people small, big solution agency. There are no gimmicks, expensive downtown headquarters and high cost ineffective advertising solutions. We focus on cost effective advertising solutions for SMB Small-to-Medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Exclusive Technology

We refuse to be just another digital media agency, we offer cutting edge technology that focuses on new trending solutions. We even offer exclusive solutions that no other agency can provide such as our Reputation Management software.

Zero Outsourcing

All projects are completed locally, we will never send your projects overseas to be managed and/or created by someone who doesn’t know your business, customers, geographic region and market.

Measurable Results

We believe all marketing should be measurable and accountable. All of our marketing and design solutions offer reporting and analytics to demonstrate the success of each project during its lifecycle.


We believe in partnerships, our mandate is to become an extension of your team. We work very closely and develop strong relationships with each business we work with. There is a human element with every business transaction that takes place so we strive to strengthen every relationship. In fact most of our clients have become personal friends.


We offer North, Central and South Calgary locations therefore we are flexible and can meet clients anywhere within Calgary and Surrounding Area.

Campaign Management

Most agencies set it and forget it, they will build your campaign and move on to the next customer. We know that campaigns must updated and tailored each month therefore we manage each campaign each week and visit our clients each month to ensure their needs are met.

Customer Service

No need to submit web forms waiting for a call within the next 24-48 hours or to call and speak with someone who doesn’t know your campaign details. We are available at any time to answer your questions or to provide support. Yes, we answer the phone!

Ready to get started? Contact the experts! WE’VE BEEN HELPING BUSINESSES SUCCEED SINCE THE MID 90’S.